First post in Video gaming!!

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First post in Video gaming!!

Post  _joshuaTurbo on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:39 pm

Pretty self explanatory, easy place to chat about video games eh?

Hmmm, lesseee..

I really like the PSP, out of all the new consoles to come out since 2000- The Wii and the PSP seem to be the two consoles that I've really made a connection with. Well, the 360 is starting to grow on me. Soon we'll have an HD television as well, so that damn 360 beast will look like magic in video game form soon!!

But yeah, don't get A TON of time these days to play around with video games (Wife, Kids, Work, Travel, Life), so the PSP with some pretty damn good looking games and features gets its fair share of my personal time attention.

What have I been playing?

Well, I threw a couple hours into the new Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles. Unlocked both SotN and Rondo (FINALLY) so the actual classic (fun) games are now playable. Spent some time with Legend of Heroes and Persona. So far so good, love The Playstation Network and demo's. I'm wondering if Phantasy Star Portable I or II, would be worth owning....


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