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I've personally stated thoughts on Facebook, but I can share here as well.

Of course something needed to get done. Justice, I hope, was served. For what he did, he deserved probably more pain... but this at least puts him away for good. I now worry about what will be done in retaliation by this terrorist group. No doubt someone will rise up and take his place. I fear this may only get worse. I also don't understand the celebrating of someones death. Seeing the video and pictures of people singing and dancing with signs that say "He's finally DEAD!" and "OSAMA is in Hell", only reminds me of the Palestinians singing and dancing in their streets when the Twin towers were destroyed... just makes no sense. Gang Warfare. They kill our guy, they party. We kill their guy, we party. When does this end?

One thing I did feel good about, was the Philly's/ Mets game on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. When word started spreading through the stands of the news of Osama's Death, the announcers and the teams just paused for a moment and 50,000 plus people just started chanting USA USA for a sold 10 minutes! It was a really great moment that I choose to stick into my memory banks for the rest of my life.

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